Bekseju Soju Wine (1)Korea is famous for many things but one area that is gaining more international interest is the alcohol market. Of course you have the infamously average beers and dangerous world of cheap Soju. However if you take a small step up in both price and quality there is an interesting world of Korean “Wines” or Liqueurs.

One of the most famous is Bekseju or Baekseju, which translates as “The One Hundred Years Wine.” This is due to its health benefits promote a longer life (maybe until 100). The one we enjoyed was on the cheaper and more basic side. It was certainly enjoyable to drink and much smoother and cleaner tasting vs. Soju. The taste had hints of herbs and natural grasses or woods. It didn’t over power any foods, but was a little weak flavor wise. Here are the basic details:

Korean: 백세주
Manufacturer: 국순당 / KookSoonDang (

Size: 375ml
Proof: 13%
Price: Between ‎₩2000 to ‎₩4000 (depending on style, supermarket etc)

Overall this is perfect to drink at home while eating some galbi or similar Korean food. It’s better than Soju but also a little more expensive. A bottle every few months is a nice change.

Photos of Bekseju Traditional Korean Wine

Here are a few more pictures of Bekseju Traditional Korean Wine:Bekseju Soju Wine Bekseju Soju Wine (2) Bekseju Soju Wine (3) Bekseju Soju Wine (4)


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