Banana Makkoli Rice Wine (5)As you might have noticed from a number of previous posts as well as Instagram pictures we enjoy Makkoli (Makgeolli / 막걸리) or Korean Rice Wine. In it’s basic form it’s not for everyone as it’s a little bitter, but flavored it’s very popular. This summer a new range of flavored Makkoli’s has been released with the first and so far most popular being the Banana flavor.

The taste is sweet, fruity and not overly alcoholic. The cost is a little more than regular makkoli but still cheaper than beer. Finally it’s refreshing and easy to drink either during or after a meal or a Korean style hiking trip. Here are the basic details:

Korean: 바나나 막걸리
Manufacturer: 국순당 / KookSoonDang (

Size: 750ml
Proof: 4%
Price: Between ‎₩1700 to ‎₩4000 (depending on style, supermarket or bar etc)

Overall this is the perfect drink for the summer, cool, refreshing and sweet. It’s also about the same alcoholic percentage as beer so it’s manageable.

Photos of Banana Makkoli / Makgeolli

Here are a few more pictures of Banana Makkoli / Makgeolli:Banana Makkoli Rice Wine (1) Banana Makkoli Rice Wine (4) Banana Makkoli Rice Wine (3) Banana Makkoli Rice Wine (2) Banana Makkoli Rice Wine


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