Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna bagIn the past streetfood was a major part of life in South Korea, with stalls on most street corners. However even in the past 5 years or so they’ve started to disappear as tastes have changed and demand moves away. Still if you want a taste of Korean Streetfood there are a number of restaurant chains focusing on the older style. For example we have Sinjeon Food (신전 떡볶이), which has locations mainly in the North West but also other parts of South Korea. Here are our brief thoughts;

Firstly the menu is simple and offers the key Korean streetfood Tteokbokki (Rice Cakes in a spicy sauce). Of course the tteokbokki is really good and not crazy spicy. Secondly the prices are reasonable only a little more than on the street. We spent ₩9500 and got enough food for 2 people. Finally the service, the location we visited in Incheon was really friendly and hopeful, although it helps to speak a little Korean.

Overall Sinjeon Food gives you a nice taste of Korean Streetfood and is perfect for a night in with a bottle of Makkoli and baseball on the TV.

Pictures of Sinjeon Food

Here are a few pictures of the food we had from Sinjeon Food;Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna (3) Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna (4) Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna (6) Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna (7) Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna fried mandoo Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna fried Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna recipt Sinjeon Food Incheon Cheongna (1)


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