Isultoktok canOver the past year or so there has been an explosion in the number of different alcoholic beverages. One main area of expansion has been lower alcohol content soda type drinks, mainly aimed towards women. One of the most hyped / promoted has been Isultoktok (이슬톡톡). It’s endorsed by KPOP superstar IU and has gained a good amount of popularity. Here are our brief thoughts;

Firstly flavor a mild peach and not real hint of alcohol, basically it tastes like a peach soda. Secondly it’s cheaper than beer, wine or soju, but of course only 3% alcohol. Finally the design and branding are firmly aimed towards women which isn’t a bad thing in a male dominated market.

Overall it’s nice but nothing amazing, it’s refreshing and mild just average really. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Official Instagram:

Pictures of Isultoktok (이슬톡톡) – Alcoholic Soda

Here are a few more pictures of Isultoktok (이슬톡톡):Isultoktok soda Isultoktok iu Isultoktok top Isultoktok details Isultoktok 3% Isultoktok pouredPoster;IU ISultoktok poster 2016


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