IKEA Seoul Food BannerWhen you think of IKEA the key words that spring to mind maybe; Swedish, Cheap, Furniture and Food. Most people when they visit IKEA grab a bite to eat in the restaurant. For Details on IKEA Shopping Please Click Here.

The only small negatives quickly; the main menu options are a little limited, I understand do a few things well than many things averagely. But the selection could have done with an extra 1 or 2 main dishes.

Now the positives; firstly the range of desserts is really good, a number of different cakes and an awesome apple pie. Secondly there is a Korean option, being Kimchi fried rice. It was pretty good. Finally they of course have meatball and they’re fantastic and reasonably priced. Also they offer a cheap french fries side for a couple of bucks and free refills on sodas.

Overall it’s a nice pit-stop in the middle of doing a little IKEA shopping, it’s affordable and good quality. The menu is a little sparse but many people want the meatballs anyway.

Pictures from IKEA Korea (Seoul) – Food / Restaurant

Here are a few more pictures from IKEA Seoul and the Food / Restaurant;Ikea Korea Food Ikea Korea Food (1) Ikea Korea Food (2) Ikea Korea Food (8) Ikea Korea Food (4) Ikea Korea Food (5) Ikea Korea Food (6) Ikea Korea Food (3) Ikea Korea Food (7)

IKEA Seoul Location Map / Direction and Links

IKEA logoFirstly here is the Official Website: http://www.ikea.com/kr/en/

IKEA is Seoul is located just outside of Seoul in Gwangmyeong but on the edge of Anyang, close to Gwangmyeong Station (A KTX Station). The closest Subway station is Seoksu Station (Line 1) and the number 5627 operates close to the store. However it’s better if you drive or travel as group and take a taxi. As it’s not easy to access via public transport.

Here is a Map:


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