Cool Shot 7.5 (1)The world of sweet and fruity wines and liqueurs is big here in South Korea, with multiple different options available in most supermarkets both major and minor. Bokbunja or Bokbunja-ju is maybe the most popular and well known. One of the new kids on the block is a lower alcohol version called Cool Shot 7.5 (쿨샷 7.5), here are our brief thoughts;

Firstly it’s a little more manageable and controlled than other options due to it’s lower alcoholic content (7.5%), but it still isn’t weak. Secondly the price point is fair around ₩3,000-₩4,000 per bottle, so it’s a little cheaper than the established brands. Finally the quality and taste are very enjoyable, it doesn’t taste cheap and there isn’t any negative aftertaste.

Overall it’s affordable and good value for money, it’s a happy medium between the expensive bottles and cheap. It’s certainly worth trying during these hot summer months maybe whilst on a camping trip, but at the same point nothing outstanding.

Pictures of Cool Shot 7.5 – Korean Blackberry Wine / Liqueur

Here are a few more pictures of Cool Shot 7.5 (쿨샷 7.5) – Korean Blackberry Wine / Liqueur;Cool Shot 7.5 Cool Shot 7.5 (3) Cool Shot 7.5 (2) Cool Shot 7.5 (5) Cool Shot 7.5 (4)


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