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A few weeks ago we explained about the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, an augmented reality Phone App / Game where you walk around in the real world and catch Pokemon. Currently Pokemon Go isn’t available yet in South Korea due to Mapping Issues between Niantic (developers), Google (the Maps division) and the Korean Government. However a few errors have allowed access to the game in certain areas. Firstly it was the East Coast Town on Sokcho in Gangwon-do (details here). But now there are more;

The South East Coastal cities of Ulsan and Busan have suddenly found themselves home to hundreds of Pokemon as well as trainers, just in time for the Summer holidays.MBC News Pokemon Go Ulsan Busan (3)

Ulsan and Busan Discover Pokemon Go Access

Firstly we like to point out that it’s not the whole of Ulsan or Busan in fact it’s only small areas this time due to mapping luck related to the Japanese Island of Tsushima (pointed out by Kojects in the comments). They became available when Japan (the home of Pokemon) gained it’s long awaited official access to the game. The main area is just south of Ulsan called Seosaeng-myeon (서생면), as well as other parts of county. It’s not as extensive as with Sokcho but local hotels and businesses have already started preparing for the expected trainers.

Pokemon Go Ulsan Busan MapThe Weather is also expected to past 30c this week (high 80fs to low 90fs) so hopefully people will be sensible when trying to catch them all. Local officials have promised to offer more support to players in the area including charging stations and wifi.MBC News Pokemon Go Ulsan Busan (1) MBC News Pokemon Go Ulsan Busan (2) MBC News Pokemon Go Ulsan Busan

Seoul and the rest of South Korea still has to wait, but these small areas have already started to show that the demand and interest will be high.

Delayed Again August 2016 Update CLICK HERE

Here are a few news articles providing more information:

Pokemon Go Professor ScreenPokemon Go South Korea Banner


When Pokemon is official available in South Korea we’ll post details and links ASAP.

As always if you have any questions about Pokemon / Pokemon Go in South Korea and/or anything else please feel free to let us know. Either below by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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