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During the 2016 Olympics hosted in the Brazilian City of Rio De Janeiro there will be medals awarded in 28 different sports. However for many the blue ribbon discipline is the Athletics (Track & Field).
The Athletics events take place during the middle weekend and second week of the games, starting on Day 7 (Friday August 12th) and finishing on Day 16 (Sunday August 21st). Most of the build up to the athletics hasn’t been very positive focusing on the Russian Doping Ban instead of focusing on the sport.
Although this isn’t a sport South Korea isn’t very competitive in, most (if not all) of the finals will be shown on Korean TV.
It’s useful to remember for the Olympics as a whole that the time difference between Seoul and Rio De Janerio is around 12hrs. So the morning events take place in the evening Korea Time and the Evening events in the morning.

Rio 2016 Athletics Start Times Korea Squad

Rio 2016 Olympics Athletics Finals South Korea Times

Here are the key dates and times for the Rio 2016 Olympics Athletics Finals with Korea start times;

Friday August 12th

Women’s 10,000m at 11.10pm

Saturday August 13th

Men’s 20km Walk at 2.30am

Women’s Shot Put at 10am

Men’s Discus at 10.50pm

Sunday August 14th

Men’s Long Jump at 8.50am

Men’s 10,000m at 9.25am

Women’s 100m at 10.35am

Women’s Heptathlon at 10.53am

Women’s Marathon at 9.30pm

Monday August 15th (National Holiday)

Women’s Triple Jump at 8.55am

Men’s 400m at 10am

Men’s 100m at 10.25am

Women’s Hammer at 10.40pm

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase at 11.15pm

Tuesday August 16th

Men’s Pole Vault at 8.35am

Men’s 800m at 10.25am

Women’s 400m at 10.45am

Men’s Triple Jump at 9.50pm

Women’s Discus Throw at 11.20pm

Wednesday August 17th

Women’s 1500m at 10.30am

Men’s 110m hurdles at 10.45am

Men’s 3000m Steeplechase at 11.50pm

Thursday August 18th

Women’s Long Jump at 9.15am

Women’s 200m at 10.30am

Women’s 100 hurdles at 11.55am

Men’s 400m Hurdles at Midnight

Friday August 19th

Men’s Shot Put at 8.30am

Women’s Javelin at 9.10am

Men’s Decathlon at 9.45am

Women’s 400m Hurdles at 10.15am

Men’s 200m at 10.30am

Men’s 50km Walk at 8pm

Saturday August 20th

Women’s 20km Walk at 2.30am

Women’s Pole Vault at 8.30am

Men’s Hammer at 9.05am

Women’s 5000m at 9.40am

Women’s 4x100m Relay at 10.15am

Men’s 4x100m Relay at 10.35am

Sunday August 21st

Women’s High Jump at 8.30am

Men’s Javelin at 8.55am

Men’s 1500m at 9am

Women’s 800m at 9.15am

Men’s 5000m at 9.30am

Women’s 4x400m Relay at 10am

Men’s 4x400m Relay at 10.35am

Men’s Marathon at 9.30pm

*Start times at subject to change*

South Korea Olympic Athletics Squad for Rio 2016

Rio 2016 Athletics Korea Squad

South Korea has an athletics squad of 15 athletes, 10 men and 5 women. 7 of them will be competing in the Road Walking Races, 4 in the Marathon and 3 in field events. Just one has been entered into/qualified  for the track events. For a nation that hosted the Asian Games just 2 years ago and the World Athletics Championship 5 years, you’d feel that a few more Korean Usain Bolts might have been discovered. At the 2014 Asian Games they won 10medals in the athletic events. However here are the South Korean Competitors with as much information has we could find;

Men’s 100 meters

Kim Kuk-Young
He has a personal best of 10.16 a national record set last year. Has a bye into the 2nd round quarter finals.

Update: Failed to progress from the 1st round / Quarter Final with a time of 10.37

Kim Kuk-young Rio 2016 100m (1) Kim Kuk-young Rio 2016 100m

Men’s 20km Walk

Byun Young-Joon
Disqualified at the 2015 World Championships, 31st at the London 2012 Olympics.
Choe Byung-Kwang
25years old, PB 1:21:52. 45th at the 2015 World Championships, maybe of team runner / pace setter.
Kim Hyun-Sub
4th place at the 2011 World Championships and Asian Games Silver Medalist. PB 1:19:13 a national record.

Update: Kim Hyun-Sub finished in 17th place, with Byun Young-Joon and Choe Byung-Kwang some way behind in 61st and 57th.

Men’s 50km Walk

Kim Hyun-Sub
Has a PB of (4:01:06), better at the short distance.
Park Chil-Sung
13th at the London 2012 Olympics and silver medalist at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. National Record holder (3:45:55).

Men’s Marathon

Shim Jong-Sub
Personal Best of 2:13:28 25years old.
Song Myeong-Jun
Set a personal best of 2:12:34 in Japan in February.

Men’s Long Jump & Triple Jump

Kim Deok-Hyeon
2010 Asian Games Winner (Long Jump) and Silver Medalist in 2014. PB 8.22m set in June.
3rd at the 2014 Asian Games (Triple Jump) and winner of the 2015 Asian Championships. PB 17.10m
Holds both National Records.

Update: Finished 14th with a jump of 7.82m in the Qualifying Round and sadly did advance to the final.

Kim Deokhyeon Long Jump Rio 2016 Kim Deokhyeon Long Jump Rio 2016 (2) Kim Deokhyeon Long Jump Rio 2016 (1)

Update: Failed to progress to the triple jump final with a best of 16.32m

Kim Deok-hyeon Rio 2016 triple jump Kim Deok-hyeon Rio 2016 triple jump (1) Kim Deok-hyeon Rio 2016 triple jump (2)

Men’s High Jump

Woo Sang-Hyeok
20years old and a former World Youth Champion. PB 2.25m set in July.
Yun Seung-Hyun
Made the final of the Asian Games, has a PB of 2.32m set last year.

Update: Both failed to make the final in a difficult competition.

Women’s 20km Walk

Jeon Yeong-Eun
Disqualified during the race at the London 2012 Olympics and 27th at last years World Championships.
Lee Da-Seul
Only 19 years old with a personal best of 1hr 34.47mins.
Lee Jeong-Eun
35th at last years World Championships.

Women’s Marathon

An Seul-Ki
Set her personal best of 2hrs 32.15mins this March in Seoul.
Lim Kyung-Hee
33years old and finished 76th at the London 2012 Olympics.

Update: An Seul-Ki finished in 42nd place in a time of 2:36.50 and Lim Kyung-Hee finished in 70th in a time of 2:43.31

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Firstly a couple of websites that we referenced for the information;

Rio 2016 Official Website
IAAF Official Website
All-Athletics Statistics

As always if you have anything you’d like to add please let us know. We will try and keep things updated as best as possible via Twitter (and little via Facebook).

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