In the last year or so there has been a huge push for favored alcoholic drinks, from the Citron Soju to Brother Soda to now fruity Makkoli / Rice Wine. Earlier this Summer we were introduced to Banana Makkoli, due to it’s success the company Kook Soon Dang (국순당) released some more flavors including Peach (복숭아막걸리). Here are our thoughts;

Firstly the taste is sweet with an obvious peach hint, it’s maybe a little lacking on the Makkoli taste (depending on your preference). Secondly it’s only 3% alcohol, where most other rice wines are between 5 & 6%. This makes it a little more manageable and suitable for a weekday evenings or weekend afternoons. Finally the price is tiny bit more than regular makkoli but still won’t break the bank at under ₩2000 a bottle.

Overall to answer are original question “Is It Just Another Flavored Rice Wine?” It’s a fun twist on a national favorite, however it might not last the test of time as these drinks have become a slight fad. In one season and out the next. Time will tell but we feel it is just another flavored rice wine, however it’s worth giving a go.

Peach Makkoli Key Details:
Producer – Kook Soon Dang (국순당)
Price – between ₩1500 to ₩2000 (Supermarket)
Alcohol Proof – 3%
Size – 750ml
Website Link

Pictures of Peach Makkoli / Rice Wine

Here are a few more pictures of this Peach Makkoli / Rice Wine from Kook Soon Dang;

Peach Makkoli Rice Wine 2016 lid Peach Makkoli Rice Wine 2016 label Peach Makkoli Rice Wine 2016 Peach Makkoli Rice Wine 2016 details Peach Makkoli Rice Wine 2016 bottle Peach Makkoli Rice Wine 2016 (4) Peach Makkoli Rice Wine 2016 (2) Peach Makkoli Rice Wine 2016 cheongna peach makkoli rice wine kook soon dang poster


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