Less than a week ago we were sitting in a local phone shop asking about Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and at that time they were out of stock and we’d have to wait. Bullet dodged as a few days later news dropped that Samsung had recalled the Galaxy Note 7 due to Fire Risk and possible Explosion! This means over 2.5millions devices will need to be replaced, costing the company a fortune and losing potential customers like us. The fault is due to a battery/charging issue and only affects a very small percentage of phones.

In Korea sales have been halted and replacements will be made before September 19th however conceded customers can exchange for a Edge 7 today. Refunds depend on the carrier and there’s no official word here in Korea yet.

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from CNN Money
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from CNN Money

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Here are a few links and references regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall;

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7


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