Here we have yet another new entry into the flavored Soju and overall fruity sweet Korean alcohol market. It’s simply called Tok Soda (톡소다) and it’s a tropical flavored Sparkling Soju Style Drink. Depite it’s sightly cheap looking design it’s proved very popular with reports of over a million bottles being sold since it’s launch earlier in the summer. Here are our thoughts;

Firstly the taste is sweet with a pineapple, orange and mango style taste. It’s enjoyable and with no aftertaste. Secondly it’s only 5% alcohol, with is only a third of regular soju and less than some of the other flavored soju’s, which makes it a little more manageable. Finally the price per bottle is the same as regular soju or the other flavored brands, all of which are affordable.

Overall this is more of an alcoholic soda than a Soju, although people trend to drink it shot style it’s maybe more enjoyable in a highball glass served over ice. It’s a nice summery drink and well trying. However like a lot of Soju’s the hangover can be a little powerful.

Tok Soda – Tropical Flavored Soju Key Details:
Producer – Good Day / Joeunday (좋은데이)
Price – between ₩1500 to ₩2000 (Supermarket / Convenience Store)
Alcohol Proof – 5%
Size – 360ml
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Pictures of Tok Soda – Tropical Flavored Soju

Here are a few more pictures of this Tok Soda – Tropical Flavored Soju from Kook Soon Dang;

tropical-sparkling-soju-tok-soda-1 tropical-sparkling-soju-tok-soda tropical-sparkling-soju-tok-soda-2 tropical-sparkling-soju-tok-soda-4 tropical-sparkling-soju-tok-soda-3 tropical-sparkling-soju-tok-soda-5

Advertising for Tok Soda

Firstly a strange video featuring Dogs;

tok-soda-tropical-soju-advert tok-soda-tropical-soju-advert-1 tok-soda-tropical-soju-advert-2 tok-soda-tropical-soju-advert-3

Secondly a cool poster;



As always if you have any questions about Tok Soda – Tropical Flavored Soju and/or anything else please feel free to let us know. Either below by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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