Along with Beer, Soju and Makkoli, Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages on the market here in South Korea. There are a handful of Korean Brand Whiskeys, sadly none of which are amazing but at the same point none are awful. This summer the Scotch Blue brand with is managed by Lotte released a canned Highball, which is a mixture of Scotch Blue Whiskey and Soda (sparkling water). Here are our thoughts;

Firstly the taste is strong, although not the best whiskey in the world it’s certainly enjoyable enough. Secondly at 7% alcohol it can pack a bit of a punch so it’s best to drink in moderation. Finally the price per can is cheap and affordable.

Overall it’s definitely worth the money, but it’s not as good as a regular highball. If you like Whiskey and maybe don’t want to buy a full bottle this is a good middle ground option.

Korean Brand Whiskey Scotch Blue Highball Key Details:
Producer – Lotte
Price – between ₩1500 to ₩2000 (Supermarket / Convenience Store)
Alcohol Proof – 7%
Size – 355ml

Pictures of Korean Brand Whiskey Scotch Blue Highball

Here are a few more pictures of this Korean Whiskey Scotch Blue Highball Can;

scotch-blue-highball-can-korean-whiskey scotch-blue-highball-can-korean-whiskey-2 scotch-blue-highball-can-korean-whiskey-info scotch-blue-highball-can-korean-whiskey-3 scotch-blue-highball-can-korean-whiskey-poured scotch-blue-highball-can-korean-whiskey-lemon scotch-blue-highball-can-korean-whiskey-instagram scotch-blue-highball-can-korean-whiskey-ps3


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