Before the days of Lemon, Peach and Banana Makkoli the only slightly different option on the mass Makkoli market was Chestnut. A little bit more of a Autumn feel to it and release by company Woori Sool (우리술) released just in time for the Harvest Fesival (Chuseok) season. Here are our thoughts;

Firstly the taste is natural and earthy, a focus on the chestnut but nothing overpowering. Perfect for the Autumn months with hiking and outside activities being possible again. Secondly it contains a healthy 6% alcohol, which is about average for Makkoli, but of course should be drunk in moderation. This makes it a little more manageable and suitable for a weekday evenings or weekend afternoons. Finally the price is cheap and good value for money, it’s certainly a better option over beer for the wallet.

Overall it’s a nice change of pace vs. regular Makkoli and a more cost effective option vs. Beer. Is it the best Makkoli ever? no, but it’s enjoyable and seasonal. The slight downside is the use of French Chestnuts over Korean.

Peach Makkoli Key Details:
Producer -Woori Sool (우리술)
Price – between ₩1200 to ₩2000 (Supermarket)
Alcohol Proof – 6%
Size – 750ml
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Pictures of French Mountain Chestnut Makkoli / Rice Wine

Here are a few more pictures of this French Mountain Chestnut Makkoli / Rice Wine from Woori Sool;

chestnut-makkoli-woori-2016-1 chestnut-makkoli-woori-2016-5 chestnut-makkoli-woori-2016-2 chestnut-makkoli-woori-2016-3 chestnut-makkoli-woori-2016-4 chestnut-makkoli-woori-2016


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