Korean food extends much further than just Kimchi, Kimbap and Galbi (BBQ). The range of different seafood dishes could kept your stomach happy for a very long time. Of course it’s often difficult to consider certain options if you’re on a budget, busy and dinning with a large or young family; but Stir-Fried Spicy Baby Octopus / Jjukkumi Bokkum is simple and quick to make at home.

Here are a few quick things to note;

1 – They aren’t really baby octopus just small
2 – People do eat them raw so like steak cook them to your personal preference.
3 – They’re available in sets (as pictured) below at Lotte Mart (and most likely Homeplus, Emart and other places).
4 – It’s cheap

How to cook:

1 – Put the ingreidents in a frying pan
2 – Add some extra vegetables (onion, cabbage, beans sprouts etc)
3 – Serve with side dishes, rice and basically anything else you like.4 – Enjoy

Stir-Fried Spicy Baby Octopus / Jjukkumi Bokkum and the Cooking Process

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