No K League Classic this weekend due to the international break so the K League Challenge will be the focus. The league is quickly moving on towards the end of the conclusion of the 2016 season. This is round 40 and so sides only have either 4 or 5 games still to play this season. This round includes a number of interesting encounters, however for us the standout game is between league leaders Ansan Mugunghwa & 5th placed Busan I’Park. Ansan cannot win promotion this season, but can still take the title and hurt Busan’s push for the final playoff place.

K League Challenge 2016 League Table Update


The league table is looking close as we enter the final stages of the 2016 season. Ansan Mugunghwa still lead the way with a 4 point lead over Daegu in 2nd. Bucheon 1995 and Gangwon are very close behind and complete the official playoff places. 5th placed Busan I’Park will also enter the playoffs as long as Ansan Mugunghwa finish 4th or better. The 6th to 8th placed sides (Busan, Daejeon & Gyeongnam) still have narrow playoff chances but they’ll need to good run of form. At the other end of the table, Goyang and Chungju are both well adrift of the rest now. But fortunately for them there is no relegation this season.

K League Challenge 2016 Round 40 Predictions


This round of games take place on Saturday (2), Sunday (1) and Monday (2). The Saturday and Sunday games all take place in the afternoon, at either 2pm or 4pm, whilst Mondays games happen at 7.30 or 8pm. Here are our predictions for the 40th round of 2016 K League Challenge games;

Saturday October 8th 2016:

Gangwon vs. Chungju Hummel (2pm)

Prediction: 2 – 0

Seoul E-Land vs. Gyeongnam (4pm)

Prediction: 2 – 3

Sunday October 9th 2016:

Daejeon Citizen vs. Goyang Zaicro (2pm)

Prediction: 3 – 1

Monday October 10th 2016:

Ansan Mugunghwa vs. Busan I’Park (7.30pm)

Prediction: 2 – 1

FC Anyang vs. Daegu (8pm)

Prediction: 1 – 1

K League Challenge 2016 Round 40 Results


Saturday October 8th:
Gangwon 2 – 1 Chungju Hummel
Seoul E-Land 1 – 0 Gyeongnam (HT)

Sunday October 9th:
Coming Soon

Monday October 10th:
Coming Soon

gangwon-v-chungju-hummel-oct-2016-1 gangwon-v-chungju-hummel-oct-2016-2 gangwon-v-chungju-hummel-oct-2016-3 gangwon-v-chungju-hummel-oct-2016 seoul-e-land-gyeongnam-oct-2016-1 seoul-e-land-gyeongnam-oct-2016-2 seoul-e-land-gyeongnam-oct-2016-3 seoul-e-land-gyeongnam-oct-2016-4 seoul-e-land-gyeongnam-oct-2016


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