The K League Challenge reaches the final round of the 2016 season this Sunday, with the title and playoff spots still up for grabs. Also remember Ansan Mungunghwa are ineligible for promotion, but can still take the title. Every game in this final round is important and has implications for the title or playoff places. However we like the Seoul E-Land vs. Busan I’Park game, both sides need a win and will have half an eye on the results elsewhere.

News –
Goyang Zaicro have announced that they plan on leaving the K League Challenge at the end of the season.
Chungju Hummel are rumored to be looking into moving to another city.

K League Challenge 2016 League Table Update


The league table is looking close even with only one game remaining. Here is a breakdown of how things work; places are decided by points then goals scored, any of the top 5 sides could take the title on Sunday.

Title Race; Ansan will take the title if they win and Daegu can’t better their result +2 goals. Gangwon will take the title if Ansan and Daegu both lose and they win. Busan and Bucheon can take the title if the top 3 lose and they win (Bucheon by 9 goals at least).

Playoff Race; Ansan cannot enter the playoffs, Daegu and Gangwon are certain of a place already. Busan and Bucheon only need a point. Seoul E-Land need to win and hope Bucheon lose, or beat Busan by a 7 goal margin.

The rest; Daejeon, Gyeongnam, Anyang, and Goyang are all playing for pride. Chungju finished their season last weekend.

K League Challenge 2016 Round 44 Predictions


This round of games all take place on Sunday (5). The games all take place in the afternoon, at 2pm. Here are our predictions for the 44th round of 2016 K League Challenge games;

Sunday October 22nd 2016:

Gangwon vs. Gyeongnam (2pm)

Prediction: 2 – 1

Daegu vs. Daejeon Citizen (2pm)

Prediction: 2 – 0

Seoul E-Land vs. Busan I’Park (2pm)

Prediction: 1 – 1

Bucheon 1995 vs. Goyang Zaicro (2pm)

Prediction: 3 – 0

FC Anyang vs. Ansan Mugunghwa (2pm)

Prediction: 1 – 2

This ultimately means we see Ansan takes the title, mainly because Daegu are poor at home and won’t out score them.
Daegu will win automatic promotion.
Gangwon, Busan I’Park and Bucheon 1995 will enter the playoffs.

K League Challenge 2016 Round 44 Results


Sunday October 30th:
FC Anyang 2 – 3 Ansan Mugunghwa
Daegu 1 – 0 Daejeon Citizen
Seoul E-Land 2 – 0 Busan I’Park
Bucheon 1995 4 – 1 Goyang Zaicro
Gangwon 1 – 1 Gyeongnam

These results ultimately mean that Ansan Mugunghwa win the league, Daegu finish second an claim promotion back into the K League Classic. Bucheon 1995, Gangwon and Busan I’Park enter the promotion playoffs.


via overthepitch.com
via overthepitch.com


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