Hello and welcome to this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week, our Third for February 2017.
There have been a few interesting new KPOP releases over the past few weeks, this week we’ve gone for the new release from Hong Jin Young (홍진영) with a song titled “Love Me, Love Me Not“. It was released on YouTube on Wednesday February 8th 2017. Here are our reasons for choosing “Love Me, Love Me Not” for our KPOP song of the week:

  • Firstly the song it trot style, simple and pure backing instruments with great vocals from Hong Jin Young.
  • Secondly the video it part of an OST for Fabricated City and therefore is simple, but works.
  • Finally Hong Jin Young is the most popular modern-era Trot singer with over a million Instagram followers and spots on big TV shows such as Music Bank.
  • On the negative side; trot is a unique taste, some people love it whilst others think it’s old fashioned.


More Pictures from “Love Me, Love Me Not” and Links for Hong Jin Young

hong-jin-young-love-me-love-me-not-trot hong-jin-young-love-me-love-me-not-trot-5 hong-jin-young-love-me-love-me-not-trot-1 hong-jin-young-love-me-love-me-not-trot-2 hong-jin-young-love-me-love-me-not-trot-3

Hong Jin Young Links:

Her Fashion Brand – http://hongtion.com/
Hong Jin Young on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sambahong/


We hope you’ve enjoyed and agree with our choice for KPOP Song of the week. If you have any suggestions for next weekend, please let us know.

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Have a great Sunday!

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