This weeks Photo Wednesday was taken at home. It’s of a New(ish) Fiery and Spicy Instant Korean Noodles called 꼬꼬볶음면. This roughly translates as Chicken (꼬꼬), Stir-fry (볶음) and Ramyeon or Noodles (면). It’s design is almost a challenge, can you eat this? It is too spicy for you? etc. Overall it is spicy, but not ghost pepper or anything else; in fact it’s pretty enjoyable with a nice curry flavor. It’s also cheap around W1000 from CU Mart (or similar). Well worth trying if you like a little spice.

Here are a couple more pictures of 꼬꼬볶음면;

spicy-instant-korean-noodles-2017-1 spicy-instant-korean-noodles-2017-2 spicy-instant-korean-noodles-2017-3 spicy-instant-korean-noodles-2017-4 spicy-instant-korean-noodles-2017-5


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