Attention shifts away from the K League to the only domestic cup in South Korea the Korean FA Cup. This is the 3rd Round stage and the point in which the K League Challenge sides enter. Some sides will focus on the league and field weaken sides, whilst others can see the magic of the cup and possible big games further along in the competition. All of the information you need on all of the games;

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Korean FA Cup 2017 Update

The Korean Cup started earlier this month with a mixture of K3 League, University and Amateur sides entering, they’ve been reduced down and are joined by the Professional sides from the Korean National League and K League Challenge in this 3rd round stage of the competition. The big boys from the K League Classic join next month in the 4th round.

Korean FA Cup 2017 3rd Round Fixtures and Preview (Wednesday March 29th)

The Korean FA Cup 2017 3rd Round games are as follows;
Key – Blue = K League Challenge, Green = National League, Red = K3 League, Black = University.

Gyeongju Citizen vs. Ajou University @ 1pm
Mokpo City vs. Changwon City @ 2pm
Yeungnam University vs. Hongik University @ 2pm
Chuncheon vs. Korea University @ 3pm
Jeonju vs. Kyunghee University @ 3pm
Pocheon FC vs. Seoul E-Land @ 3pm
Yangpyeong vs. Cheongju @ 3pm
Daejeon Korail vs. Yangju Citizen @ 4pm
Gyeongju HNP vs. Sunmoon University @ 4pm
Yonsei University vs. Gyeonggi Central University @ 4pm
Busan I’Park vs. Gimpo Citizen @ 5pm
Asan Mugunghwa vs. Hanyang University @ 7pm
Busan Transportation vs. Gimhae City @ 7pm
Cheonan City vs. Daejeon Citizen @ 7pm
Gangneung City vs. Ansan Greeners @ 7pm
Paju Citizen vs. Cheongju City @ 7pm
Seongnam FC vs. Suwon FC @ 7pm
Bucheon 1995 vs. Incheon University @ 7.30pm
Hwaseong FC vs. Gyeongnam @ 7.30pm
FC Anyang vs. Honam University @ 8pm

The tie of the round is of course Seongnam FC vs. Suwon FC in the only all K League Challenge clash. Other big games are Pocheon FC vs. Seoul E-Land and Ganggneung City vs. Ansan Greeners.

Sadly due to the number of fixtures and a lack of information on each side it’s difficult to write predictions or previews for each game at this stage of the competition.


Korean FA Cup 2017 3rd Round Results (Wednesday March 29th)

Korean FA Cup 2017 3rd Round Results:

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