FiLite was launched in South Korea back at the end of April 2017 and quickly started selling out mainly due to it’s cheap price. The price is lower than other Korean Beers as FiLite is tecnically not a beer under Korean Standards due to it’s low malt content (around 10%). Therefore it’s taxed less and cheaper. To make up for the low malt content makers Hite increased the Hops and have marketed it as basically a light beer.

Positives & Negatives:
(+) It’s cheap at less than ₩1000 a 330ml can.
(+) The taste is enjoyable and it has a nice aroma.
(-) It’s hard to find sold as singles or in pitcher bottles.
(-) It isn’t beer (although admittedly they not list it as one).

These days there are so so many beers available in Korea both domestic and imported. Of course they range in quality and price, so there is something for everyone. FiLite fills the cheap a don’t want to drink Soju gap. If you have the money you should stick with the imports or craft beers, but if you’re having a party or on a budget then FiLite is worth buying.

For Details on FiLite Clear (FiLite Blue) CLICK HERE

Pictures of FiLite Beer from Hite

Video & Links for FiLite

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Here is a strange TV ad for FiLite;


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