Hello and welcome to the start of a long and interesting Football Manager journey. The mission is to take new created Hite Jinro FC from the bottom to K League glory and beyond. Every good story needs to start somewhere and ours begins today with the Creation of Hite Jinro FC…

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Also before we start, we have no connection to the Hite Jinro company or any real world football team, this is purely for fun and on Football Manager 2017.

The Creation of Hite Jinro FC

Hite Jinro Football Club came into this world on October 7th 2017, a few clicks of the mouse and presses of the keys on the keyboard. Hite Jinro FC (nickname The Soju Smashers) call the 2000 capacity Soju Park in Bucheon their home. The home kit is Green with a red and white cross stripe, the away is a simple sky blue design.

The team will start in the KFA Amateur League Division 1, which is a fictional league and the 6th tier of Korean Football in this edited version of Football Manager 2017. Above this league you have the Amateur Premier Division, K3 League, National League, K League Challenge and finally the K League Classic. There are 12 teams in the Division all playing twice before a league split and 5 more games. The champions winner promotion along with the playoff winners (places 2 to 5).

All of the players and staff are Amateur and on non-contract terms. An issue highlighted below, as players can leave at pretty much any point. But it swings both ways, so hopefully we can benefit too. On to the fun of pre-season;

Hite Jinro FC Pre-Season 2016

Our first ever pre-season was pretty light fixture wise as it was more a factor of signing players and staff before the start of our debut season in the KFA Amateur League Division 1. Things started with an inter-squad friendly and progressed to playing Amateur Premier & K3 League sides. As the results above show it was a success start to life with 4 wins and 1 draw. We were strong on the road and at our home Soju Park in Bucheon (not a real place sadly).

Here are highlights from the 5 games;

Game 1 – (N | Bucheon Stadium)
Hite Jinro FC 3-0 Hite Jinro Reserves
(Goals) Lee Jin-Ah, Park Kyung-Hoon & Kim Jong-Wo

Game 2 – (A | Nexen Tire Stadium)
Nexen Tires 2-3 Hite Jinro FC
(Goals)Park Kyung-Hoon, Kim Jong-Woo & Kim Won-Chul

Game 3 – (H | Soju Park)
Hite Jinro FC 5-1 Paju FC
Park Kyung-Hoon x2, Kim Won-Chul x2 & Hong Sung-Joo

Game 4 – (H | Soju Park)
Hite Jinro FC 1-1 Jungnang Chorus Mustang FC
Hong Sung-Joo

Game 5 – (H | Soju Park)
Hite Jinro FC 4-0 Seoul United
Park Hyung-Hoon x2, Kim Won-Chul & OG

Next Time aka Part 2

So we move onto starting the league season as well as the 1st round of the Korean FA Cup.



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