As the title suggests the league season is moving quickly forward as we continue to push for promotion out of the Amateur Division 1 to the Premier Division.

For those who don’t know the mission is to take new created Hite Jinro FC from the bottom to K League glory and beyond.
Details on rounds 16 to 22 taking us to the end of the regular season before the split below;

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Also before we start, we have no connection to the Hite Jinro company or any real world football team, this is purely for fun and on Football Manager 2017.

Hite Jinro FC – KFA Amateur Division 1 (Rounds 16-22)

The season up to this point had been going well with 10wins but also 5defeats from our opening 15 games.

We seemed to get over that mid-season hump and won 3 games on the bounce beating DSM, L Electronics and SMCE. We then drew a couple of tough games against playoff placed Jeju United and then current league leaders Ganghwa Island Warriors. We finished the regular season with 2 more victories beating Dense Locomotion and Shinan Pepper FC.

The 5 post split games are coming soon and we’re just a point behind leader Ganghwa.

KFA Amateur Division League Table After 22 Games;

Here are details and highlights from the 7 games;

KFA Amateur Division 1 | Round 16 – (H | Soju Park)
Hite Jinro FC 3-1 DSM Engineering
(Goals = Kim Won-Chul, Hwang Kyung-Joo, Choi Yeong-Hyo)
(Attendance = 1,921)

KFA Amateur Division 1 | Round 17 – (A | L Stadium)
L Electronics G4 2-3 Hite Jinro FC
(Goals = Kim Won-Chul x2, Choi Yeong-Hyo)
(Attendance = 120)

KFA Amateur Division 1 | Round 18 – (H | Soju Park)
Hite Jinro FC 2-1 SMCE
(Goals = Choi Yeong-Hyo, Kim Won-Chul)
(Attendance = 1,917)

KFA Amateur Division 1 | Round 19 – (A | Jeju Metro Stadium)
Jeju Metropolian 1-1 Hite Jinro FC
(Goals = Choi Yeong-Hyo)
(Attendance = 345)

KFA Amateur Division 1 | Round 20 – (H | Soju Park)
Hite Jinro FC 2-2 Ganghwa Island Warriors
(Goals = Hong Sung-Joo (p), Gong Yong-Hun
(Attendance = 2,000)

KFA Amateur Division 1 | Round 21 – (A | Dense Locomotion Stadium)
Dense Locomotion 1-2 Hite Jinro FC
(Goals = Hong Sung-Joo (p), Kim Sung-Eun)
(Attendance = 115)

KFA Amateur Division 1 | Round 22 – (A | Shinan Stadium)
Shinan Pepper FC 2-3 Hite Jinro FC
(Goals = Kim Sung-Eun, Choi Yeong-Hyo, Kim Won-Chul)
(Attendance = 135)

Hite Jinro FC – Friendlies

Away from the league we continued to fill a few open weekends with friendlies in order to keep the squad fresh. Firstly we took on Incheon United Reserves and struggled losing 2-1. A few weeks later we traveled to Namyangju United, who play in the divison above us. We put on a fantastic performance winning 4-1. Highlights here;

1st Team Friendly (H | Soju Park)
Hite Jinro FC 1-2 Incheon United Reserves
Goals: Gong Yong-Hun
(Attendance = 1,924)

1st Team Friendly (A | Namyangju Stadium)
Namyangju United 1-4 Hite Jinro FC
Goals: Kim Won-Chul x2, Hwang Keun-Sung, Kim Sung-Eun
(Attendance = 1,161)

Photos From the Games

Next Time aka Part 7

The League season concludes with the post-league split games and possible playoffs or championship glory!

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