This is the final push for promotion out of the Amateur Division 1 to the Premier Division.

For those who don’t know the mission is to take new created Hite Jinro FC from the bottom to K League glory and beyond.
Details on rounds 16 to 22 taking us to the end of the regular season before the split below;

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Also before we start, we have no connection to the Hite Jinro company or any real world football team, this is purely for fun and on Football Manager 2017.

Hite Jinro FC – KFA Amateur Division 1 (Rounds 23-27)

The season has been building to this point. Heading into the final 5 games we were just behind the leaders Ganghwa Island Warriors. Overall during the final 5 games we proved we were deserving champions taking 13 points from a possible 15 and securing promotion in our debut season.

The final 2016 KFA Amateur Division League Table;

Here are details and highlights from the 7 games;

Photos From the Games



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