This is the final push for promotion out of the Amateur Division 1 to the Premier Division.

Details on our 2017 pre-season highs and low below;

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Also before we start, we have no connection to the Hite Jinro company or any real world football team, this is purely for fun and on Football Manager 2017. For those who don’t know the mission is to take new created Hite Jinro FC from the bottom to K League glory and beyond.

Hite Jinro FC – Pre-Season 2017

Following our impressive debut season title run we’re looking to at least make the playoffs in the KFA Amateur Premier Division. The board have started looking into a new stadium as Soju Park is a little small. Some players have gone whilst others have come in as we’ve replaced like for like.
We played 7 pre-season friendlies with sides coming for our division but also the K3 League as well as high profile games against K League Classic/Challenge sides. We ended pre-season with 4 wins but also 3 defeats, but we took heart from the fact 2 of those defeats were against K League opponents.
Looking towards the new season we’re hopeful that the squad we’ve put together will press for the targeted playoff spot.

Here are details and highlights from the 7 games;

Photos From the Games



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