I will openly admit that I didn’t do any prior research into 야관문술 I just heard that it had a unique taste as well as a number of natural health benefits. However moving forward 18months a quick google search brings up a number of interesting results. 야관문 is also known as Lespedeza cuneata or Chinese Bushclover. The rumored (but not scientifically proven) benefits include for Bronchial tubes, Extravastated blood, Stomach ulcers, Eyes, and even Hangovers. Plus the nickname Natural Viagra…but NONE of the these have been proven.

It’s a old school tonic, most likely a placebo. Away from the Health Benefits it’s certainly an interesting soju. A very strong herbal/tea taste and aroma. A slightly bitter yet enjoyable aftertaste. It’s more to be sipped as it’s that strong.

Moving onto making the Soju.

The Process of Making Homemade Stamina Soju (aka 야관문술)

It’s super easy to make in Korea (maybe difficult overseas). 야관문 is pretty easy to buy via GMarket, 11th Street etc. Just add it to a large Soju Base which is again easy to buy from any Supermarket.Wait at least 3 months, but the longer the better. Then enjoy this traditional tonic.

Pictures of the process (sorry that they aren’t super clear);

Then the finished product;

After 6 months & 18months

The small tester jar on the top was opened after 6months and the large container below it after 18+months and is still yet to be opened. The differece in color is clear, the more mature Soju is darker and should be packed with more flavor (fingers crossed).


Any questions let me know.