The World Cup maybe still 5 plus months away but with some up coming January friendlies it maybe time to start talking squads. One name that maybe considered is Lee Seung-woo. He’s considered to be the next big thing in Korea but is the Verona winger ready for the big time?

Here are my pros and cons on a Lee Seung-Woo World Cup Call up.

Should Lee Seung-woo Receive a World Cup Call up?

Pros (+)

❀ It will provide fantastic experience for him moving forward. Something that could be used in future internationals.

❀ He has good experience at youth international level as well as playing in Spain and Italy.

❀ He is a very talented player and could provide a different option coming off the bench.

❀ He’s fresh and young. But already 20 years old. The next world cup he’ll be in his mid-20s.

❀ He’s very popular in Korea and therefore a callup should be received positively.

Cons (-)

❀ He hasn’t played for the national team before, or even received a call up.

❀ He isn’t playing much for Verona, nor has he played much 1st team football during his career to date.

❀ There maybe better options. Players with more experience or who are simple in-form.

❀ Unfair pressure; the fans might expect fireworks and be disappointed when he’s not given enough time to shine.

❀ Still too young; he may need another year or so until he’s ready for the national team spotlight.


At the moment I feel he isn’t playing enough to justify a world cup call up. He’s very talented but at 20 years old he needs to be playing week in week out and that isn’t happening at the moment. He’s part of the Verona matchday squads but that isn’t enough for me.
However give him a call up for the March friendlies might be a good option. Give him 45mins against Northern Ireland and see how he does.


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