Just a quick post sharing my experience and some important information for those renewing an F6 Visa in South Korea. I went through the process at the beginning of this month.

Normally the F6 Visa is extended by 2 years but in some cases it’s only for 1 year whilst others are given 3 years (more in top tips below).

Before doing anything remember to book an appointment at your local immigration office. It’s easy to do via the HiKorea website. For an F6 Visa it’s possible to renew 3 months before your expiry date, but a month before hand should be plenty of time.

Renewing an F6 Visa (South Korea | Jan 2018)

Firstly here are the documents required when renewing an F6 Visa in South Korea (note this information is from January 2018 and subject to change);

⭐ Application Form

⭐ Alien Registration Card (ARC Card)

⭐ Passport

⭐ Spouse’s Resident Registration Certificate (주민등록등본)

⭐ Marriage Certificate (혼인관계증명서)

⭐ 30,000 Application Fee (can need to buy a stamp before seeing the immigration officer).

Top Tips;

⭐ If possible bring your spouse, the language barrier at immigration isn’t too bad. But it helps when trying to explain small things or making a special request.

⭐ If you or your spouse is pregnant bring a copy of the pregnancy certificate, if you have a young child their birth certificate. With this evidence you can ask for a 3 year extension.

⭐ Print everything and fill in the application form in advance. Also bring the fee in cash so you can get the stamp quickly.

⭐ If you need a new card, bring multiple passport photos, the machines there are slow and there’s normally a queue.

My Experience;

It was very easy, in and out within 15mins. In the past it took an hour or more without an appointment or I was asked for additional proof of our relationship. So be ready for anything. Finally keep in mind I’m a British Citizen and therefore the process maybe different for others.

Also Incheon Immigration isn’t the easiest place to get to so I took a SoCar. Which saved a huge of time and stress.


Although I can try and answer questions it’s maybe best to contact immigration directly if you’re unsure. The number is 1345.

Also I used this post (https://pinayseoulmate.com/2017/02/03/korean-f6-visa-extension/) it was very helpful.

Have a great day.