Yellow Dust and general poor air quality is an issue when either living in or just visiting South Korea. Some of it is domestic whilst some come across from factories in China. So it’s important to known the quality of the air when going outside to extended periods.

Here are a few different ways of checking the current air quality for within South Korea;

Phone Apps

All of these apps are available free via Google Play.

The main one is called 미세미세 (a particulate forecaster) and has over 1million users. Here are a few examples from Cheongna (Incheon), Gangnam (Seoul) & Pyeongchang (Gangwon) all from Saturday Morning.

Here are a couple more options;

Websites is maybe the best for up-to-date measurements are different areas of Korea. is also worth bookmarking.


There is an account called YellowDust and it provides hourly updates on the Air Quality in Seoul.


If you have any other tips please let me know. And as always questions are welcome.