Taking a step away from the usual K League related posts I take a look at and sample this interesting Korean Craft Beer, Pyeongchang White Ale.

Pyeongchang of course was the host area of the 2018 Winter Olympics, and it’s really known for it’s beer. In fact this beer seems to have been produced to cash-in on the Winter Olympic hype and doesn’t detail exactly where it’s produced but I’m guessing it’s not Pyeongchang.
Anyway onto the beer it’s a White Ale and similar to Belguim beer Hoegaarden.  It’s crisp with a pleasant nose and taste, and no bitter aftertaste. It’s in the same league as Hoegaarden, but it’s priced normally higher which is a shame. I picked up the gift set (three 500ml cans and a glass) at a discounted 10,000won shortly after the Olympics, but otherwise I’d stick with Hoegaarden if it’s cheaper or the same price.
Overall it’s nice and worth trying, however only if it’s at a reasonable price.

Pictures of Pyeongchang White Ale


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