About a year ago and new “beer style beverage” (it’s not technically beer according to Korean Trading Standards) hit the market called FiLite (필라이트). It is cheaper than regular beers and was seen as a good gap between Beer and Soju. Fast forward a year and a second FiLite brand as hit the shelves here in South Korea FiLite Fresh or FiLite Blue. Here are my quick thoughts on this new “Beer”;
Firstly just like the Green FiLite its cheap at 1000won for a 330ml can and available everywhere. Secondly the taste is pretty bland, it’s lager style but tastes like non-alcoholic beer. Finally at 4.5% alcohol it’s similar to other beers so you’re not missing out in that area.
Overall it’s cheap, both in price and taste. Personally I’d go for the Original FiLite / FiLite Green, it’s the same price and tastes better. Let me know if you feel differently.

Pictures of FiLite Fresh / FiLite Blue


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