Just like anywhere in the world life can get a little dull, stressful and/or tiring. For many of us a cool cup of Makkoli (Korean Rice Wine) can help alleviate those issues and often start the weekend in the right direction. But still drinking from the same bottles week on week isn’t fun, but the guys down the road producing SoSungJu Makkoli (소성주 막걸리) have changed things up a little over the years. They feature the different animals of the Zodiac on each bottle.

SoSungJu Makkoli is an Incheon brand of Makkoli; it’s one of the local market leaders as well as being one of the cheapest (around 1000won to 1400won a bottle). It has a slightly lighter and more refreshing taste and is my personal favorite. The company also partner with K League side Incheon United which is an added bonus.

Moving back to the Zodiac Challenge; as I’m sure we’re aware there are twelve Animals which make up the Zodiac; Tiger, Rat, Ox (Cow), Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (Sheep / Ram), Monkey, Rooster (Chicken), Dog and Pig. Every year has an animal linked to it, for example 2018 is the year of the Dog.

During the spring of this year they changed the designs for the first time in a number of years, and thus created the SoSungJu Makkoli: Zodiac Challenge.

SoSungJu Makkoli: Zodiac Challenge (소성주 막걸리)

Basically the aim of the challenge is to drink all twelve different bottles (over the course of a few weeks/months). Personally I would buy a bottle or two a week trying to find different animals every time. To begin with it was easy, but the final two or three animals weren’t easy to find and the final animals “The Monkey” took over two months to come across.

Here are all twelve bottle that make up the Zodiac Challenge (pretty much in the order drank);




Chicken / Rooster

Cow / Ox









This is a little bit of fun, and something different. Of course always drink responsibility.

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