A while back we spent a relaxing morning up in Ganghwa-Do, an Island just north of Incheon and West of Seoul. The Island has a nice rural setting and a popular place for people looking to get away from the city without having to travel far. One added benefit is that the Island produces a range of different Makkolis (Korean Rice Wine). We picked up a couple of bottles of this Ginseng Makkoli (인삼 막걸리).

The Makkoli (or in this case 탁주 – Table Wine) contains 0.49% Korean Ginseng, but that’s enough to give you enough flavor without breaking the bank as a bottle only costs around 2000won. The taste and aroma is of course Ginseng, but the usual Makkoli notes blend in well. You can see bits of Ginseng pulp, which gives the drink more texture than most makkolis.

Overall it’s a different, tastes good and at a good price. So I’d certainly recommend trying it, if you’re in the Ganghwa area.

Pictures of Ganghwa-Do Ginseng Makkoli (강화 인삼 막걸리)


Remember always drink responsibility.

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