Kimchi, Soju, Galbi, Kimbap and so many other things as Korean as them come. However Soju in the most basic form can be a little unforgiving and harsh. Thankfully we have a slight step up with this Hite Jinro Barrel Aged Premium Soju (참나무통맑은이슬). Here is some key information and our thoughts;

ABV = 16%
Bottle Size = 300ml
Price = around 2000원 in Supermarket and maybe 5000원 at Restaurants

The positives first; it’s taste is much cleaner and smoother than a regular bottle of soju, and it seems to lack that harsh aftertaste. The price is still very reasonable and about the same as a beer. Finally there wasn’t any hangover (but maybe due to only drinking a single bottle haha).
The negatives; it’s not much of a step up from the bog standard Soju. Their was no noticeable oak or wood aroma or flavor (but that might be a long shot at the price). Finally it’s only a blend of the normal soju and a little of the premium stuff.

Overall it’s a step up and still very affordable. If you’re not used to drinking Soju, this maybe a good place to start.

Please note this is just a blog and we don’t sell this or any other product. This is also not a paid review, so the thoughts are our own.

Pictures of Hite Jinro Barrel Aged Premium Soju (참나무통맑은이슬)

Here is a print advert for the Premium Soju;


For More Information check out the Hite Jinro Website

Please enjoy in moderation :).

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