Recently whilst on the weekly trip to Homeplus I came across this interesting new product from Seoul Makkoli called 막카오. It’s a Cocoa Nibs Rice Wine or Makkoli, and being a fan of both Makkoli and Cocoa Nibs I picked it up. Here are the key details and my brief thoughts;

Name: 막카오
Size: 350ml
Alcoholic Percentage: 4%
Price: roughly 1400won (I can’t remember the exact price sorry)

Producer: Seoul Makkoli

Overall it was pretty good. Neither the Cocoa Nibs or Makkoli overpowered each other. They blended well together and there was no bad aftertaste. The only negative was that it’s basically a half bottle of makkoli with a nibs flavor for the price of a full bottle. So I’d drink it again, but it’s nothing to brave the frozen Korean winter searching for in my opinion.

Pictures of Cocoa Nibs Rice Wine / Makkoli


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