Recently we looked at a Cocoa Nibs Rice Wine / Makkoli from Seoul Makkoli, but they have also released a Pineapple Rice Wine / Makkoli called 드슈. Once again being a fan of Makkoli I picked it up. Here are the key details and my brief thoughts;

Name: 드슈
Size: 350ml
Alcoholic Percentage: 4%
Price: roughly 1400won (I can’t remember the exact price sorry)

Producer: Seoul Makkoli

Overall it’s was surprisingly good. It has a strong pineapple flavor and that does overshadow the makkoli. It’s not overly sweet or alcoholic, so it’s easily drinkable for someone who isn’t used to Rice Wine / Makkoli. It’s a nice can and enjoyable to have on a cold and snowy winters day here in South Korea.

Also here is our review of the Cocoa Nibs Makkoli

Pictures of Pineapple Rice Wine / Makkoli


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