Daiso is a huge chain of store in Korea that sell basically everything (apart from fresh food and alcohol). The main focus is on value, most items are priced at 1000won or 2000won. Therefore when you go shopping at Daiso you normally end up spending more than planned, but you rarely spend a lot.

Recently we decided to have a new years trip to a big Daiso close to our apartment and picked up a range of items, here is what we bought;

  • Snacks; Bamboo Salt Candy, Shrimp Chips and Andes Mint Chocolates (like After Eights)
  • Toys; a Big Crocodile and a couple of mini games.
  • Bathroom / Cleaning; Bath Salts, a Drain cleaner stick, Razors, a comb and a sticky roller.
  • Others; a photo album, a lighter, batteries, baby spoon, a window sticker and hot packs.

The obvious highlight is the big Crocodile for only 5000. The Bamboo Salt Candy for only 1000 is maybe the strangest. The Andes Mint Chocolates are amazing. The window sticker is a little expensive at 3000. Finally the rest are all solid quality and at least worth the money paid.

Pictures from our Daiso Shopping Haul – January 2019

Here are pictures of our Daiso Shopping Haul. I’ve tried to take close ups of the highlight items;


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