After recently rediscovering some flavored Soju brands, I came across this Ginger flavor. It’s called 찾을수록: Ginger and the company does produce a range of flavors but I personally always found this one the most interesting. Here are the key details and my brief thoughts;

Name: 찾을수록: Ginger
Size: 360ml
Alcoholic Percentage: 16%
Price: roughly 1600won

Producer Link:

Overall it’s something a little different. Orange, Strawberry etc are pretty common flavors, but Ginger isn’t something you come across everyday. It’s also not a flavor that you link with alcohol normally, but it works. It’s a mild ginger flavor, and enjoyable as a change of pace. Also it’s cheap and basically the same strength as regular soju. It’s still worth a go IMO.

We did look at Ginger Soju briefly in the past, here is that old post

Pictures of Ginger Soju


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