If you haven’t realized already we here at Modern Seoul love Makkoli as well as Dongdongju. There is much (if any) difference between Dongdongju and Makkoli, it’s a fermented drink which normally has a rice base. Here are the key details and my brief thoughts;

Name: 옥수수 동동주
Size: 7500ml
Alcoholic Percentage: 6%
Price: roughly 1500won

Producer: Baedoga / 배혜정도가 (Website – baedoga.co.kr)

Overall it was better than expected, it has a nice aroma and taste, without any aftertaste. It tastes natural and rich, with a thick yellow appearance. The only negative it that it’s not really Corn Dongdongju, it’s just partly corn but in fact mostly rice. That won’t matter to most people (including us) but it should be mentioned. At the end of the day this is a tasty drink and slightly different from the normal Rice Wines / Makkolis.

Pictures of Corn Dongdongju / Makkoli


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