Craft Beer has become big business around the world and although demand has died down in South Korea it’s still pretty popular. The larger supermarkets are good places to find a nice selection, especially from Domestic Korean Brewers. Not long ago we tried out Jeolla Ale from 7Bräu, here are the key details and my brief thoughts;

Name: 전라 – Jeolla Ale
Size: 330ml
Alcoholic Percentage: 4.5%
Price: roughly 4000won (it was 3 for 9500 at Homeplus)

Producer: 7Bräu

Overall it’s a nice beer, however it’s a little overpriced for what it is and honestly there are nicely ales and beers in general at this price point. As part of a bundle it’s not bad to be fair. The taste and aroma are both enjoyable and not over powering. It pours nicely and has a nice light ale color. Overall it’s solid, but sadly a little expensive in my opinion. If you see it discounted or part of a bundle sale give it a go, otherwise maybe pass.

Pictures of Jeolla Ale Korean Craft Beer


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