Luck can come in many different forms, from a lottery win to a good day at work. For me I often get lucky whilst checking out the discount section at my local Homeplus. Everyone enjoys a good bargain and I was very fortunate to find a half price eight can pack of Guinness towards the end of last year. The price worked out at a less over 1000 a can or around $1. The reason for the discount is unclear, but they didn’t taste 50% cheaper :).

What: Guinness Pack of x8 440ml cans
When: November 2018
Where: Homeplus
Price: 8,900 (reduced 50% from 17,800)

Basically this was a really lucky find, but not crazy uncommon. There are often single beers discounted 20-30% sometimes more, however these box sets are pretty rare. They can be found in a discount area of Homeplus, but this location differs from store to store.

Pictures of Half Price Guinness – Lucky Homeplus Find


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