To begin with is just our experience after blogging on WordPress for almost eight years and being part of the WordAds program since July 2013 (so over five and a half years). We’ll look quickly at the basics, the amount of possible earning and some final thoughts.

It is possible to make money via a WordPress Blog?

Short answer Yes, with a but. It’s certainly possible to make money and at a minimum cover your costs, but beyond that it’s not easy and maybe not recommended.

To start with your need a WordPress blog, a domain name and site mapping. The blog is free, the domain name varies in price but for us it’s around $12 a year via Finally site mapping via WordPress is $13 a year. So the total spend is $25 a year.

Next you need to be accepted into the WordAds program. This requires a good amount of traffic onto your site and other unknown criteria (probably not copyrighting other people or illegal activities).

At this point you can start earning money via your WordPress Blog / Website. However you only get paid once you reach the $100 mark, this should cover the basic costs for four years at least :).

How much can you make?

This depends on many factors, but the main one is the volume of traffic coming onto your site/blog. In our experience the revenue has improved over the past year, but it’s started to drop again recently despite a similar number of visitors.

Overall we earnt roughly $1 per every 1500 hits during the past few months. Therefore to earn the required $100 you’ll need roughly 150,000 hits to get paid. Of course the amount will vary from site to site and month to month. So this is a really rough estimate.

So to make a basic income of say $2000/month you’ll need around 3,000,000 hits. Of course if you have a site of this size the income should be higher due to the volume of traffic and possible higher value clicks. In some cases maybe you’d be better off running the advertising and hosting yourself, but for us WordAds is the best option.

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Would we recommend others use WordPress and WordAds?

For basic blogging, yes. For us we prefer using WordPress over Blogger and have had hardly any problems over the past eight years. WordAds honestly has been a little up and down, but these days it seems to be working well and we’re able to cover our costs plus a little extra to reinvest into the site.

Having your own site comes with more costs and so for a small hobby this setup is perfect. If you’re looking to make a full-time income then you’d be better off using your own hosting options but with the added costs, but also profits.


Any thoughts, comments or questions. Feel free to comment below or message me via Twitter.