Go into any CU Mart or Homeplus in South Korea and you’ll find a wide range of imported beers to choose from. So sometimes you do pick based on the picture on the side of the can, especially if those beers are part of a discount promotion. Recently we picked up a couple of beers of imported German Beer called Reeper B, one IPA and one Weissbier (Wheat Beer). Here are the key details and my brief thoughts;

Name: Reeper B.
Size: 500ml
Alcoholic Percentage: 5%
Price: roughly 3000won or x4 for 10,000

Producer Website: reeperb.de

Overall they were both enjoyable beers. Personally I preferred the IPA, it has a pleasant taste and mild fruity aroma. The Weissbier was nice but honestly tasted like a Paulaner clone, not bad but not great (in my opinion). At the end of the day I’d buy the IPA again as part of the promotional 4 for 만원, but I would pay much more and I might not buy the Weissbier again.

Pictures of Reeper B. Imported German Beers


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