Back once again with another Makkoli (or in this case Dongdongju) review. When popping into my local CU Mart the other day a pink bottle caught my eye in the Makkoli section. It’s a Sweet Potato Dongdongju / Makkoli / Rice Wine from Woorisool. Here are the key details and my brief thoughts;

Name: 톡쏘는 고구마 동동
Size: 750ml
Alcoholic Percentage: 6%
Price: roughly 1500won

Producer: 우리술 (

Overall it was solid and a little better than I honestly expected. The flavor was pleasant with a nice but not over powering hint of sweet potato. I wanted a little more earthy notes, but for the price I can understand that it’s a basic product. The design is eye catching and overall the product is really nice. I’d recommend giving it a good, especially if you’re a little new to the Makkoli scene as this one is a little softer.

Pictures of Sweet Potato Makkoli / Dongdongju


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