We’ve covered this topic a couple of times before, once with the statistics from 2013 and again for 2015. At the moment the only numbers available via Korean Immigration are from 2017 and so those are the numbers we’ll be using today.

Once again if you want to look at all of the numbers from the 1000+ page document it’s available via the Immigration Website (http://www.immigration.go.kr/immigration/index.do)

How many E2 Visa Holders are in South Korea?

The numbers from 2017 show that Americans make up the majority of E2 Visa Holders. Canada, the UK and now South Africa all register high numbers. Whilst only a few hundred come from Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.

2015 vs. 2017

Overall the numbers have dropped from 14,533 in 2015 to 12,962 in 2017, which is roughly 6%. That’s a sharp drop in only two years. It’s only mainly male visa holders who’ve lost out, as there are now more female E2 Visa holders then male. Females have only dropped by around 200, and British and South African females have seen their numbers increase. South African male teachers have bucked the trend and increased in the past couple of years.

The 2015 numbers

Why are the numbers falling?

A fall in overall demand is a key factor. Many employers are preferring to hire F series visa holders, as they don’t require housing or flights and of course sponsorship. Also public schools now don’t teach first and second grade at the moment, which is could also be a factor. However overall a fall in demand especially in public school has been the main reason.

Other Nationals on E2 Visas?

As pointed out in previous posts yes there are some. They are still mainly from China and Japan, with a handful from Spain, France and Germany. The demand for Chinese is growing in Korea, whilst English is staying the same or falling.


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