Back once again with another quick Makkoli review. I picked up this Pocheon Wheat Makkoli from Lotte Mart, I’ve had it a few times in the past and always thought that it’s a solid Makkoli. It’s wheat based which is a little different and gives it a yellow color vs. the normal white. Here are the key fact and my brief thoughts;

Name: 포천이동밀막걸리
Size: 750ml
Alcoholic Percentage: 6%
Price: roughly 1400won

Producer: 이동 (

Overall it’s another solid bottle of makkoli, but with a wheat twist. The taste is a little different, maybe slightly thicker and a bit savory. The price point, size and alcoholic content are all the same or very similar to other Rice based makkolis on the market. So it’s certainly worth a try if you come across it, and it would be a solid choice if you’re looking for something a tiny bit different.

Pictures of 이동 / Edong Wheat Makkoli


Please note this isn’t a paid for review, I bought this bottle with money from my own pocket

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