A super quick post (hence the rushed banner picture). This month the Seo-gu and Incheon Governments released new cash cards (like t-money or cashbee), that offers cashback when used at local stores and businesses. We used it at Wa Mart (Cheongna) this Saturday morning, and at Yonsei Children’s Hospital, Burger King and Mega Coffee during the week. However it isn’t currently accepted at larger franchises such as Homeplus, Lotte Mart and Starbucks for example.

Signup is completely in Korean, however it does accept foreign names and details which is nice. You link your bank account to transfer money onto the card and away you go. The Seo-gu card currently gives 10% cashback! Normally it will be 6% like the rest of the Incheon cards. You need to allocate cashback money 30mins before making a purchase, otherwise it will use the regular cash by default.  Best of all the cards are free and the blue Seo-gu card also doubles as a cashbee travelcard.

Signup and App Link

Sign up via the Google App “서로e음” (warning it’s in Korean) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gov.incheon.incheonercard

Also here is a news post with more information (in Korean); https://www.newscj.com/…


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