The UFC is the top tier when it comes to global MMA, and it’s the peak of a fighters career when they are signed to the organization. There are currently ten South Korean fighters signed to the UFC. That puts South Korea seventh in terms of nationally, ahead of both China & Japan. Over the years Korean fighters have come and gone from the UFC with only a few finding success and none to date winning a UFC title. The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung had a title shot against Jose Aldo a few years ago, but lost via TKO (partly due to injury). Here are the Korean MMA fighters currently in the UFC;

South Korean Fighters in the UFC (2019)

The fighters are listed by weight class from heaviest to lightest;

Dong Hyun Kim aka Stungun (김동현)
(Welterweight | 37 years old | MMA Record W22 L4 + D1 NC1)

Dong Hyun Ma (마동현)
(Lightweight | 30 years old | MMA Record W16 L9 + D3)

Chan Sung Jung aka The Korean Zombie (정찬성)
(Featherweight | 32 years old | MMA Record W15 L5)

Doo-Ho Choi aka Korean Superboy (최두호)
(Featherweight | 28 years old | MMA Record W14 L3)

Sung Bin Jo (조승빈)
(Featherweight | 26 years old | MMA Record W9 L1)

Kyung Ho Kang (강경호)
(Bantamweight | 31 years old | MMA Record W15 L8 + NC1)

Kwan Ho Kwak (곽관호)
(Bantamweight | 30 years old | MMA Record W9 L3)

Jin Soo Son (손진수)
(Bantamweight | 26 years old | MMA Record W9 L2)

Seung Woo Choi (최승우)
(Bantamweight | 26 years old | MMA Record W7 L2)

Ji Yeon Kim (김지연)
(Women’s Flyweight | 29 years old | MMA Record W8 L2 + D2)


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