A couple of years ago Hite Jinro discovered a way around certain taxes in South Korea by producing a beer like product called FiLite. It’s become very popular and so fellow Korean Brewers OB produced a similar product called Filgood or Filgood Happoshu. Happoshu is Japanese for a beer like product.

So as already mentioned in the spring of 2019 OB created competition for the Hite Jinro FiLite range with Filgood Happoshu. Here are the key facts and my opinion;

  • The price is the same as FiLite; around 1000원 (330ml) and 1300원 (500ml). It is also available in 1lt and 1.6lt bottles.
  • It’s available from marts, supermarkets and convenience stores. As far as I know bars don’t serve it (yet).
  • 4.5% Alcoholic Content by Volume.

Overall thoughts; just like FiLite this is a solid brew / fake beer. It’s cheap and well worth the money. It’s in my opinion better than the FiLite Fresh / Blue, but I still prefer the original FiLite to this. I personally would buy a regular OB ahead of this based on taste, but the price point of Filgood is attractive. The taste is like a larger, the aroma is nice and overall it’s a solid beer. Well worth giving a shot.

Pictures of Filgood Happoshu / Beer

Finally the gif logo via the OB Website;

Video via YouTube;


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As always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know.

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