Welcome to the second part in a new series were we review both old and new movies, some well know and others not. This week we’ve gone with a British Spy spoof and third in the series Johnny English Strikes Again (2018).

One Line plot, a quick review and more information below, also feel free to comment below;

One Line Plot & Trailer – Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

Building on the earlier two movies in the series Johnny English & Johnny English reborn this installment follows the British MI7 agent to stop a cyber terrorist.

Review (warning spoilers) – Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

Overall we enjoyed this movie, and it was maybe a little better than we’d expected. The original Johnny English from 2003 was fun, but the sequel from 2011 wasn’t great, so heading into this one expectations were low. However it was funny in a slapstick way with numerous laugh out loud moments. Rowan Atkinson put in another great performance, and it’s hard to believe that he’s now in his 60’s. Ben Miller was a great co-star, with Emma Thompson at times stealing the show as the British Prime Minister. Olga Kurylenko wasn’t maybe a believable love interest but much of this film isn’t believable. The negatives; it takes a little time to get going, the main villain is stopped a little strangely a easily in the end. But for the positives it’s fun, a nice family movie with some old fashioned British humor. Give it a go.

Score – 6 / 10

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