As of today Sunday February 2nd 2020 a total of fifteen people in South Korea are confirmed to be infected by the coronavirus (source). Most of those infected are from China or visited China, and so far no one has died from this virus in South Korea.

At the moment things are still operating normally here in Korea. However most people are wearing face masks, avoiding busy public places and being extra careful about their hygiene. Basically it’s a case of Better Safe Than Sorry, as this is a highly contagious virus.

It’s been heavy advised to avoid unnecessary travel, and to avoid visiting China completely. Flights to/from China are still operating (for now) but all travelers are being heavily screened.

Advice from the KCDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Korea)



As always if you have any questions let me know, however I know no more than what has been reported. Either below by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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